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stop listening to the smiths? no thanks i don't think i will.

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so i got hired at colleen's, this local coffee shop near my house. officially. kind of. also illegally. it looks like it's going to be an under-the-table thing. it's very casual...too casual? there's no application, no working papers involved, no training [sorry christophe, it doesn't look like i'll be teaching you the finer points of espresso making after all], no set hours, set wages. i have no idea what i'll be paid, but because it's under-the-table it could be anything. the upside of all this is no taxes on what i make.

so i'm not really sure what to do. do i take the job? it's really awkward trying to talk to them about it, because it's not like they came out and said "we're paying you under-the-table" they didn't say much of anything, besides "start coming in saturday april 30th." i was the one who asked "workingpapers/application/training/um...?" and she just said "i haven't heard of doing anything like that." oh dear.

and i want more birthdays! everyone! i have 41 friends and only 16 have told me their date of birth. and you lurkers too, even if you read my livejournal and you think i don't know.
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